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CHAMCO is a privately held process engineering company, with capabilities of international engineering services.

Our main goal is De-Desertification and Reforestation in Africa and the Middle East.
After a visionary suggestion by President Trump to plant two Billion trees to fight with climate change, we are proposing to all countries in Africa and Middle East for saving our plant start Reforestation.
Click here to see our suggestion.

Make Africa Green Again, Mr. President Trump:
Click here to watch a success at Eritrea

Our proposal for big cities or countries with up to 12,000 Tons of garbage per day, click here

Projects in the Indian Territories, here in the US, are done together with NAEG. To learn more and download our free Proposals, click here:                          Native American Environmental Group  


For those who have large landfills and want to get rid of them, or have few thousand Acres land, we propose to use our system and turn the landfills into Real Estate Development and Entertainment Center.
To see our conceptual drawings click on "Native American Environmental Group".

We process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
using our System and turn it into Briquettes.
Briquettes are used in gasifier to produce Synthetic gas (SynGas). Then we inject Syngas directly into gas engine modified by us to produce electricity. The gasification is our primary proposed system.
click on the link https://youtu.be/xZiFnJa2pLw

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Earlier, (more than ten years ago), we were using incineration of RDF as a fuel for boiler. Today we use Briquettes in our Gasification-System to produce Syngas for direct injection into gas engine and generation of electricity.
Usually the Environmental Agencies in the US do not like burning garbage as a source of Energy. But our environmentally friendly system, which processes the garbage and then burns that, has the blessing of the Environmentalists. Click here to see " a letter".


We generate electricity from garbage with return of investment ROI, half gas power plant and one quarter of coal power plant due to negative cost of fuel. Watch this video at Youtube: