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CHAMCO is a privately held process engineering company, with capabilities of international engineering services.

Our main goal is De-Desertification and Reforestation in Africa and the Middle East.

To fight with climate change, we are proposing to all countries in Africa and Middle East for saving our plant start Re-forestation.
Click here to see our suggestion.

Our proposal for big cities or countries with up to 12,000 Tons of garbage per day, click here

Proposal for Afghanistan Iran Pakistan, Click here
Watch this half an hour YouTube presentation
for this project in Persian


click on the link for Introduction https://youtu.be/xZiFnJa2pLw

Usually the Environmental Agencies in the US do not like burning garbage as a source of Energy. But our environmentally friendly system, which processes the garbage and then burns that, has the blessing of the Environmentalists. Click here to see a letter dated 2005 " a letter".