Native American Environmental Group

Mr. Ernie Jackson
PO Box 317
Barnsdall, OK 74002
Tel: (918) 263 1163 & (918) 606 1163

Our proposal to Osage Nation of Oklahoma to develop 18,000 Acres land:
Conceptual Drawing, Click here

Typical 35 MW MSW/E Plant proposal
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1 MW Typical Plant Proposal


Native American Environmental Group & CHAMCO Presentation
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Briquette Making


An old incineration system of turning MSW to Electricity




Typical Pilot Plant Waste Tire / Fuel Proposal
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Our Proposal for Entertainment Complex at Armenia
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A proposal for a Grand Project in Morocco, applicable for many countries in the Middle East


Clean Energy City (Persia) Proposed to Pueblo Tribes of New Mexico 2012
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Port Lincoln, Missouri at Mississippi


Oil and Gas and Mineral Discovery by Direct Detection Technology TM