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Garbage with 40-60% moisture, depending to the season, will arrive to the drying unit. At this unit, garbage first enters into Solar-Greenhouse for drying. Solar drying in greenhouse with help of solar thermal panels, which generate hot air 20 degrees Celsius above ambient temperature, dries the garbage.
During rainy season, we cannot process the highly wet garbage and it needs more input energy for drying.
Rotary kiln is an extra drying facility, which uses the excess heat from the power plant to further dry the garbage.

Separation of metals and sand are done electromagnetically and by screening. Sand produced at this stage can be used as fertilizer.


Pelletization (production of pellet) is a simple compacting method; wherein pellet dye has tapering holes hence by simple protrusion method pellet is formed.

If it was required to export pellets for burning at the other locations, the pellets could be hardened further by adding additives or under high-pressure piston type briquetteing machine (this is only an additional option, not required for power plant)
Based on input garbage of 700 TPD being delivered at site, two units of Pelletisation plant (2x105) will produce 210 TPD RDF.
This environmentally friendly process is the core of our technology, which is very economical and makes us the most competitive in the world.